In today's "new economy", our merchants demand the flexibility to accept payment for goods and services at traditional Point-Of-Sale retail locations, as well as over the telephone, through the mail order, on the Internet and even by recurring billing. The goal of U.S. Financial Consulting (USFC) is to provide our merchants with the hardware and software solutions needed to support the increasing demand for accepting electronic payments from their customers, therefore increasing their competitive edge.


From assessment, strategy, design, infrastructure, answers and support, U.S. Financial Consulting (USFC) works with the systems and partners that can help our merchants configure their operations and processes to maximize efficiencies, grow their business and improve their bottom line.

In a business of compressing margins and high merchant turnover, U.S. Financial Consulting (USFC) has driven itself to provide the highest quality customer service and technology available in the industry. Our merchants value us for our:


Dedicated Customer Service: Merchants choose U.S. Financial Consulting (USFC) because we are a partner whose professional’s posses an intimate knowledge of the payments industry as well as understand our merchants unique business needs.

Relationships are the foundation of U.S. Financial Consulting (USFC) service philosophy. Every merchant is assigned a dedicated Relationship Manager to manage all aspects of that merchants' business relationship with USFC, assist in the timely resolution of issues and provides regular analysis reviews of the merchants' payment processing.


Sophisticated Reporting Capabilities: Merchants require an easy-to-use, flexible and comprehensive reporting package that enables ongoing analysis, evaluation of transactions, settlements, chargebacks, and other mission-critical information.

U.S. Financial Consulting (USFC) offers a complete reporting system that allows Merchants to monitor chargebacks, retrievals, settlements, interchange qualification and other important data. Standard and customized reports can be received in a variety of formats, enabling merchants to manipulate the format and distribute the data according to their internal processes.

Cutting-Edge Payment Processing Technology: Merchants desire to utilize technology to help cut costs, increase productivity and expects a processing vendor who can provide solutions that evolve with the Merchants ever-changing needs. We strive to innovate and invest considerably in technology development in order to provide Merchants with state-of-the-art proprietary processing and communications technologies that continually meet their unique business needs.

Competitive Pricing: Merchants are always seeking to minimize the extraneous costs involved in accepting credit card payments. U.S. Financial Consulting (USFC) has designed our solution to provide Merchants with the best value for there investment. We monitor each Merchants' interchange compliance using a proactive authorization network and a reporting strategy specifically designed to minimize their interchange expense. Our Merchants' can access around-the-clock technical support at no additional charge.


Partnering with an Industry Leader: Merchants' seek a payment processing partner who is clearly established in the industry and their experience enables them to flexibly adapt to their merchants businesses needs. U.S. Financial Consulting (USFC) is one of the United States fastest growing merchant acquirers, processing credit and debit card sales volume via Card-Not-Present, Internet, and Point-Of-Sale transactions.

Our affiliations with Royal Bank of Scotland, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, First Data and Vital gives U.S. Financial Consulting (USFC) the support services and global presence of over 30,000 people in 185 countries and territories. Enabling us to offer our Merchants the widest range of products and services available, with a depth of customization unmatched by any other organization.


At U.S. Financial Consulting (USFC) we have structured the company into four unique industry segments:

  • Direct Commerce: Internet and Mail Order/Telephone Order

  • Retail: Traditional Card Present Swiped Transactions

  • Small Business

  • International Payments: E4X, DCC, Local Auth and Settlement

Our infrastructure allows U.S. Financial Consulting (USFC) professionals to develop and maintain a high level of expertise in a particular segment, translating into a more effective and efficient relationship with each of our clients. One of U.S. Financial Consulting (USFC) greatest strengths is our access to RBS, First Data and Vital Corporation's vast resources and investments in technology, which enables us to provide cutting-edge payment solutions to accommodate our clients' ever changing business needs, both domestically and Internationally.

The company’s products centerpiece is its adherence to its propriety Oracle technology platform. U.S. Financial Consulting (USFC) has designed itself to provide merchants with on-demand payment applications for all business sizes. Employing proprietary technology and integration processes, U.S. Financial Consulting (USFC) permits both internally developed and acquired applications to work together seamlessly. Its on-demand application model provides small businesses the opportunity to choose the applications that are right for their business. Small businesses select applications individually or as an integrated payment suite.

The bottom line: U.S. Financial Consulting (USFC) enables businesses with the ability to grow their revenues, reach and serve customers and run everyday operations more effectively.